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Article Publisher Guidelines

Article types on BigSurf.info
There are two types of articles on BigSurf.info: articles with protected content and free redistributable ones. Authors themselfs choose which copyright to apply on each article during the article writing.

 Protected Content
All articles on BigSurf.info marked with this sign are copyrighted by the person who submitted the article to BigSurf.info, unless otherwise noted.
As such, if you wish to reprint or publish any protected content article found on BigSurf.info, you must obtain explicit permission from the copyright holder prior to making a copy of the article.
Exception are RSS feeds where is allowed to show even the protected articles - parts of them, together with unchanged links to them. You may also create ezines for Your needs.

 Free and Re-Printable Content
As a publisher you may re-print the articles that are posted in the BigSurf.info database and are marked as Free, in a conditions that generally apply to free content articles. The most common of these are:

  1. Articles must be published "as is" (unedited).
  2. Articles must be published with the hyperlink to the Author Details page and copyright information included.
  3. Whenever possible, authors should be notified of intent to publish.
  4. Articles cannot be used in spam communications.
  5. Use of Site Scrapers, Article Crawlers, or other automated methods/scripts to mine the article content of BigSurf.info are expressly forbidden unless permission has been specifically granted by BigSurf.info.

We encourage publishers to use BigSurf.info as a free content resource whenever it's possible. However, if you use the content we provide on a regular basis, a link to our site would be appreciated.

Copyright and Violations
BigSurf.info's policy prohibits the use of copyrighted material in a manner that violates the copyright owner's rights. In general, this means that publishers are required to use article content obtained from BigSurf.info without change or modification.

Publishers should be aware that there is significant exposure if they are found to be in violation of copyright laws. Publishers who violate copyright law are legally liable and subject to possible fines.

The articles on this Web site are provided for information purposes only and for redistribution as outlined in our guidelines. BigSurf.info does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.


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