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Guidelines For Article Authors

Free Re-Printable and Protected Article Types
BigSurf.info is article directory based on two type of articles - free and protected ones. This means that any webmaster, publisher, or editor may re-print your article(s) subject to the basic terms and conditions outlined on this site if they are marked as Free .
If You during the article submission mark your article as protected   then publishers must obtain explicit permission from You as a copyright holder prior to making a copy of the article.
In both cases You must agree that Your article can be distributed:

  • in a part trough RSS feeds and with link back to whole article
  • whole article trough eZine with your biography and your backlink

If you are an author that charges a fee for publication of your articles or requires that special terms be met prior to publication of your work, you should not submit your writings to this site.

Article Submission Guidelines
Article submissions to BigSurf.info are free and new additions to our database are reviewed at daily basis. This means that any article you submit should be searchable by, and available to, visitors the same day it is submitted.

Before submitting an article, please search the BigSurf.info database by author name or article title to ensure your articles have not already been added by someone else.

  •  We strongly recommend that you do not submit articles that are not your own unless the author has given you permission to do so.
  • Submit your article to one category only. Submissions to multiple categories are automatically removed on a daily basis.
  • Submissions that are commercial or advertorial in content will be removed from the BigSurf.info database. BigSurf.info is a free-content directory not a forum for advertising commercial products, services or programs.
  • Submissions that consist of a few lines of text with a link pointing to another site where the article supposedly resides will be removed.
  • Article submissions that are plagiarized or in violation of another author's copyright will be removed. Read the section below for more information on our copyright policy.

Note: BigSurf.info reserves the right to remove any article or articles for any reason with or without notice or explanation. In cases where the above or other guidelines are severely abused, so-called authors will be banned.

Article Length Criteria
Article submissions are subject to length restrictions. These are outlined below:
Article Title: maximum 150 characters.
Article Introduction: maximum 255 characters
Article Body: minimum 150 words, maximum of about 10,000 words.

Article Formatting and Links
We recommend that authors submitting to BigSurf.info copy and paste articles from a basic text editor like Notepad. Following this suggestion will ensure that paragraph breaks, line length and other basic formatting will be properly handled by our submission form. Copying and pasting content from applications like MS Word can and does result in a variety of formatting problems. The reason for this is that MS Word and similar applications use non-ASCII, sometimes invisible, characters that are copied with article content into our submission form, causing articles to appear very differently from the way they were submitted.
Keeping the above in mind, it is not necessary for authors to use html tags for specifying font size or to create paragraph and line breaks. Use of HTML should be minimal and we suggest html tags only be used for creating live links to sites, services or products.

Copyright and Violations
BigSurf.info's policy prohibits the use of copyrighted material in a manner that violates the copyright owner's rights. In general, this means that authors should only submit their own original written work to which they have natural copyright.
In cases where copyright is disputed (usually as a result of plagiarism or unauthorized copying), articles will be immediately removed without recourse or discussion, regardless of the arguments presented by the disputing parties.

Actions to Take in the Event of Copyright Violation
BigSurf.info is a free content article directory. We act as an intermediary between authors and publishers and post guidelines for both regarding copyright adherence. However, copyright resides with the authors who submit to our directory, not with us. As a consequence, BigSurf.info has no legal standing to enforce copyright on behalf of authors.

In the event of copyright violation, we advise authors to exercise their rights by taking the following steps:

  1. Contact the offending party directly asking them to rectify the copyright violation.
  2. If the above fails, contact the ISP that hosts the offending website and the domain registrar that holds the registration for the website domain.
    Information for the domain registrar and hosting service can generally be obtained by doing a lookup using any WhoIs service such as:
  3. Most Domain Registrars and ISPs will respond to a copyright enforcement request by warning or suspending the offending party. If they fail to do so, have a lawyer make the same request in writing.

The articles on this Web site are provided for information purposes only and for redistribution as outlined in our guidelines. BigSurf.info does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents.


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